Why Turning 30 is Fabulous

I’m so excited that I turned 30 last month!

Turning 30 is a huge landmark age in anyone’s life. Traditionally, turning 21 was when you entered into adulthood but, in reality, all it means now is that you get to have a really great party. At that age, a lot of people still live with their parents, or alternatively they are off at university/college, surviving on noodles on toast, and still think that weekends are one big non-stop party. Turning 30, however, is when most people mourn the loss of their youth, and realise “oh shit, I’m a grown-up now!”

But, unlike most other people, I’m actually really excited that I turned 30 last month. Here’s why:

  1. Buying alcohol just got a whole lot easier.

I’ve always looked much younger than I really am. I remember at a home exhibition getting ID’d to use the massage chairs. You had to be older than 12; I was 23. I even got ID’d for a lotto ticket on more than one occasion. Buying alcohol and getting into bars and clubs has always been an issue. Someone always have to check your ID, then ask you to repeat your date of birth, ask you to remove your glasses so they can see your face properly, or question why your title is Ms, instead of Miss. (yep, this actually happened)

I’ve been ID’d a  few times since turning 30, and it’s not a problem at all. The cashier asks if I’m 18, and I reply “No, I’m 30” then the cashier hands over the alcohol, no more questions asked, and no ID required. Boom.

Ailie Wallace writer Turning 30 is fabulous

21 is fun…

  1. People actually respect my opinions now.

I can’t even count the number of times during my teens and twenties where at social occasions people have belittled my opinions, or spoke over the top of me as though what I was saying didn’t count. Or better still, others just ignored me completely as though I wasn’t there. I think my age played a huge role in this, but then my confidence was also affected to the point where sometimes I felt really uncomfortable speaking out in a group of people. I probably looked like a lost little kid. A few years ago while discussing politics, a guy told me I was too young to know what I was talking about, and I just sulked off, raging inside. Another time while I was working as a waitress, I joined in with a quiz, offering the correct answer to a question that a group were stuck on. Someone responded with “What do you know? You’re just a waitress.”

Since I’ve turned 30 though I’ve had the confidence to speak up and say, “Well actually, I’m a grown woman, and my opinion matters just as much as anyone else’s.”  I just wish I’d been able to say that before.

Ailie Wallace writer Turning 30 is fabulous

…But 30 is fabulous!

  1. I have just opened up a whole new chapter in my life

Turning 30 has been like turning the page in a new chapter of my life, and I have the whole decade in front of me to look forward to. Never before have I felt so optimistic about my future.

My twenties were marked by depression and anxiety, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, drinking too much and dating the wrong type of men. By the time I was 25 I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life, and hadn’t really achieved anything yet. Meanwhile I had friends who had landed high-flying jobs, were starting their own businesses, getting married, and I felt as though I’d done nothing with my life. I was in a dark place. The transformation between then and now is like night and day. Now I’m self-employed and earning my own money, writing my first novel, I’m in a great relationship, and for the first time in over a decade I can say I’m truly happy.

Folk often say that your twenties are the best years of your lives, but what do they know? All I know is that I won’t be looking back on my twenties as a time of joy and happiness. From my experience 30, is the new 21, and 30 is fabulous. So I think all us 30-somethings should celebrate (Oh, and of course, at 30 you can still throw an awesome party!)

Ailie Wallace writer Turning 30 is fabulous

Some of the guests from my 90s-themed birthday party

Ailie Wallace writer Turning 30 is fabulous

Partying with Mario & Luigi, Ace Ventura and Mr Blobby. What more could a girl want?

Ailie Wallace writer turning 30 is fabulous

My Awesome birthday cake, baked by my cousin (Ash from Pokemon)

Ailie Wallace writer turning 30 is fabulous

The best photograph of my parents ever!

Ailie Wallace writer turning 30 is fabulous

More party guests: Mia Wallace, Britney Spears, Jessie the Cowgirl, Ash & Pikachu, and Garth Algar

Thanks for reading! Are you afraid of turning 30, or do you agree that 30 is fabulous? Comment below, or contact me on social.

-Ailie x


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3 thoughts on “Why Turning 30 is Fabulous

  1. I am about 3 years out from 30 and I am both terrified and excited. My grandmother always told me when she turned 30 life had just begun for her. It was an exciting time for her. I hope it’s the same for me! I worry about the pressures of having kids since that clock starts to tick but that is really my only fear.

    Happy 30th birthday! Enjoy it!

    1. Hi Shannon, thanks for getting in touch.

      I think a lot of people worry about having kids as soon as they turn 30, but nowadays more women are leaving it later to focus on career, travel, or whatever. As long as you’re fit and healthy then there’s no reason to rush if you don’t feel ready. My younger cousin recently had a baby, and I’m constantly being told by family members that it’s my turn next, and the thought terrifies me. I was even asked if I was pregnant by a family acquaintance last week, which was more than awkward! He patted my stomach and asked if there was a baby in there – obviously the diet isn’t working…

      Turning 30 has been an exciting time for me, definitely, and I think it is a game-changer for a lot of people. This is when the doors of opportunity seem to open, whether it’s related to your career, finances, relationships, parenthood, or whatever… So yeah, I think your grandmother was right, and I’m sure 30 will be fabulous for you too!

      BUT, you still have a few years left of your twenties to go out and do crazy things if you want to 😉

      Ailie x

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