7 Reasons I Love These Awesome New Business Cards

Let’s all talk business cards. It may seem like a boring topic, but whether you’re a freelancer, self-employed, creative, or businessperson then chances are you’ll have your own set of business cards.

There are lots of online companies now offering cheap business cards for nothing more than a few quid, delivered to your door. Job done, right?


Believe it or not, a quality business card matters, and that’s where many people who are just starting out in business go wrong. Having purchased the cheap kind in the past, I’m now able to recognise the poor quality, standard templates a mile off, and I swear I’ll scream if I see that pink and black swirly design one more time. (Seriously, why would anyone ever choose that!?)

What’s even worse than the bad design is the print website’s logo or web address all over the back of the card. It looks totally unprofessional, and marks you as an amateur to any potential new client or customer.

Remember the scene from American Psycho when Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) starts sweating and raging with jealousy when they all compare business cards? Well, perhaps he overreacted a little, but business cards are still really important!

I’ve found a new online print company offering high quality luxury business cards, for a reasonable cost. They arrived the other day, and I’m more than thrilled with them. In fact, here are 7 reasons I love these awesome new business cards:



The business cards arrived wrapped up in a bright pink box, stuffed with tissue paper to stop them moving around in transit. I always get really excited opening new stationery products, and this was so well packaged it felt more like opening a Christmas present!

business cards
Plastic holders

I was also given a set of complimentary plastic storage containers for the cards – handy for transport and keeping the cards clean and dry.

Choice of colours

There are a number of colours you can choose from, either to have the reverse or the edging of the card coloured to suit your personal brand. I chose a colour which matched with my logo and website.


Photo and logo

Unlike the cheap business cards I bought elsewhere, with these from Aura Print I was able to add my brand logo and photograph, for an extra-personal touch.

Printing on reverse

I had my logo and website added to the back of the card, just to reinforce my brand. I also really liked the fact that Aura Print didn’t try to squeeze their own web address anywhere onto the card. These business cards are 100% all about me



As the card has my own photo, I know that nobody else is going to have the same design as me. If you’ve ever swapped business cards at a conference or event, you know how awkward it is, when 3 people all show up with the same cards.


These business cards are extra thick, which not only means they look much more professional, but also that they will not bend or get wrecked inside someone’s wallet or handbag.

Check out Aura Print for business cards and loads of other great printed products.

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