My Writing & Blogging Wishlist

My Writing & Blogging Wishlist

As a writer, I’m always on the lookout for great new products to help make life easier; whether it’s something practical, like a bag to help me carry around all my books and equipment, or even just some pretty stationery products to brighten up my home office.

The Lifestyle Boutique is a one-stop destination for bloggers like me, as it stocks everything you could possibly want, from fashion and homewares, to stationery and gifts. The store is hosted by Becky, AKA The Lifestyle Blogger UK, who (as the name suggests) blogs about all things lifestyle.

The store has free UK delivery, and same day dispatch, making things really easy to order. Plus new customers get a 10% discount, so it’s really worth having a look. The only problem I have now is deciding what to order, as so many of the products are right up my street.

Here are ten items I’ve selected for My Blog Wishlist:


Funky & Floral Pencil Case

Every writer always has pens lying around everywhere – in drawers, handbags, and even in my fruit bowl! At least I can keep them all together with this pencil case.

Ailie Wallace Writing and Blogging wishlist


Botanical Butterfly Magnetic Pad

I’m obsessed with writing lists, and can’t function properly if I haven’t written down everything in minute detail. The problem is, with so many pieces of paper lying around I often lose track of what list I’m supposed to be following. This magnetic pad will help me organise my lists better!

Ailie Wallace Writing and Blogging wishlist



Sass & Belle Vintage Fox Coasters

As my job is pretty hectic, I need plenty of tea and coffee to help me through the day. However, with nowhere to place my cup, I end up with unsightly coffee spills and rings all over my desk and paperwork. I absolutely love the design on these coasters.

Ailie Wallace Writing and Blogging wishlist


Dancing Flamingoes Make-up / Travel Bag

Some of my friends know me as the “crazy bird lady” instead of the stereotypical “cat lady” associated with most female writers. I have pet birds at home, bird ornaments all over the house, and bird tattoos. Don’t have any flamingoes yet, so I need this bag in my life!

Ailie Wallace Writing and Blogging wishlist


Vintage Floral Notebook

Every writer needs a cute notebook. I carry one around everywhere I go.

Ailie Wallace Writing and Blogging wishlist


Blue Roses Pocket Size Notebook

Why have only one notebook when you can have two? This one is pocket-sized, so it’ll fit right in my handbag.

Ailie Wallace Writing and Blogging wishlist


Vintage Fine Line Pen Set

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I always feel more inspired to write if I have pretty stationery.

Ailie Wallace Writing and Blogging wishlist


Pineapple Lunch / Cool Bag

Since the summer is really hotting up now, I often take my work outside with me. Heading to the park, or somewhere with beautiful surroundings is a great source of inspiration. Having a cool bag would mean I can take my lunch with me, or enjoy a nice cold drink on a hot afternoon.


pineapple cool bag



Millie Floral Saddle Bag

I like to get out and about whenever possible, as working from home can be lonely sometimes. Whether it’s heading to the park on a nice day, or even just the local coffee shop, this saddle bag will allow me to take my work with me, wherever I go.

Ailie Wallace Writing and Blogging wishlist



Sass & Belle Pink Folk Owl Mug

I already own three owl mugs, so this would just be another to add to my collection. But, mugs are an essential part of any writer’s life, as you can never have too much coffee (or too many owls!)

Ailie Wallace Writing and Blogging wishlist

All items available from The Lifestyle Boutique Store

What items would you add to your wishlist? Please let me know in the comments.


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